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Chip Chip Hooray!

Revered by many, ye olde chocolate chip cookie is a nearly-universal crowd-pleaser. 


Adapted from a conventional recipe, each triangular nugget is flavored with a double dose of organic vanilla and just a hint of organic espresso to tantalize your taste buds.

Sunset & Rosecrans

Sunset ... orange.  

Rosecrans ... cranberry.

An ode simultaneously to Los Angeles and to Phyllis Prather who taught Gamal how to bake as a youngster - and who will eat anything of the orange-cranberry variety.

Lemon Meditation

You can't spell 'lemon' with out 'om' or 'meditation' with out 'tao'... think about it.

Flavored with organic Ameo lemon essential oil and Himalayan sea salt, these tasty morsels will leave you feeling satisfied and light as air.

We make COOKIES!

VEGAN + GLUTEN-FREE + Organic ... and you'd never know it.

Facebook concurs


"I am not vegan... that being said, these are my favorite cookies - EVER. "

-Lee C., Los Angeles

"We've been trying to find a vegan cookie that not only had the proper texture but also amazing taste.

We found it!"

-Rasaan H., Los Angeles

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The Instead Company makes healthier treats and savory bites by Design.  


Founded in 2015 by an industrial designer, The Instead Company believes that hope for enhancing human and planetary wellness lies in adapting our eating habits to create a more vibrant world.

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